As we move towards the end of our fiscal year we find ourselves looking back on what has been a great year.

We have expanded our program to include K9 Country Club in Bulverde, Tx to train Service Dogs for our organization. This kennel has been operating for over 15 years and provides a wide variety of services. They have full time dedicated trainers that once they are up an running shorten our time for training. We could not be happier to have this excellent group on board.

With K9 on board and our existing group of trainers we are looking at meeting our needs for the foreseeable future in the area of training dogs. This allows us the opportunity to take another look at our property in Kerrville, TX. We have decided to make this our Training Campus and will allow us to have our corporate office on site as well as placing 6 modular homes to house our veterans as they begin the final training phase of working with their partners.  Once dog has received its formal training from our trainers we will bring the veteran down to Kerrville to live in one of these units for 2 to 3 weeks to receive specific training in a home environment.  This will greatly shorten the previous time of getting the veteran and dog working as a team. We hope to have some of this expansion under way shortly.  As always, its will depend on the level of revenue we can generate. If you would like to have one of these units name for your company, or in honor of a loved one please reach out to us.

As you can see we are moving forward and can only thank those of you who have helped to make this much needed endeavor a success.

If you can donate, volunteer or know some disabled veteran that could use this program please feel free to contact us at

Take care and have a great summer

Steve Volkman
Executive Director
Veterans Assistance Dogs of Texas