What We Do

We train service dogs to assist the lives of disabled Texas Veterans suffering from physical disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Military Sexual Trauma (MST) or a combination of these disabilities.

This underserved group of Veterans who could benefit from and are seeking a service dog receive no assistance from The Veterans Administration with that need.  As a result, a small number of organizations in Texas such as ours are receiving an increasing number of requests, and the gap between supply and demand is widening. 

What Our Dogs Do

Only the Best of the Best service dog candidates graduate and are certified.  

Once fully trained, the dogs are able to assist physically/mentally disabled individuals to accomplish daily tasks that would otherwise be difficult or impossible. Each dog’s training is customized to the individual needs of the Human Partner.  

The dogs are trained to perform many tasks such as: 

  • Get help in emergencies

  • Pick-up and retrieve items

  • Open & close doors and cabinets

  • Turn lights on / off

  • Pull a wheelchair

  • Provide bracing to stand, walk or sit down

Apply Now

Click on apply now and you will be directed to a request form. Fill out the form and click Apply Now. You will be contacted by our office once all of your documents have been reviewed.